Even After

by The Effort

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We started playing music together when we were teenagers. Back then, when we were young and idealistic it was so much easier to view the world in black and white. We were a straight edge band and we wanted people to love each other. Easy right? Just play a few shows and you can change the world.

But I turned 30 today and as a band we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. Hell, it's rare for us to even be in the same time zones let alone talk sociopolitically anymore. But even after four long years (almost 5!) we can agree two things;

One. We love making music together.

Two. Bernie Sanders is the only democratic presidential candidate we can endorse.

We were lucky enough to perform all across Europe on multiple occasions. While there we witnessed the benefits a society can obtain while under the leadership of a Democratic Socialist Party. Talking to citizens of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway and others, we were able to grasp the mental richness universal healthcare, free education, and guaranteed paid leave gave their people.

The Effort has always stood by the motto of "People Over Profit". However, we are no longer young and idealistic. We can no longer rely just on the words alone. Bernie Sanders shows us that you can be mature and idealistic. He shows us that you can stand for something in a sea of politicians who stand for the interest of their corporate donors alone.

Last December we recorded a new song called "Even After". We really wanted to try and find a way to use this song to actually spark something good. What we've decided to do is put this song up on multiple platforms where it would be free for everyone to stream in it's entirety. However we would request that if you have the financial capabilities of purchasing this song for $5 please do so. All of us are scraping to get by financially, but by paying us for our music, each of us can hopefully afford to make the campaign contribution to Bernie Sanders that we would like so much to give. At the end of the month, all five of us hope to make the maximum legal donation to Bernie Sanders campaign, but we will be transparent with how much each member donates.

Also we really hope everyone enjoys this song. It's meant to be listened to directly after the "From Our Mistakes" EP. Please let us know what you think, hopefully there will be more music to come!


Even after four long years
I've got a notebook full of words
Filled with songs no one would hear
I've got ideas that would never bloom
Places I was meant to
But would never roam
I've got a room full of mementos
It's overflowing
With taped memories to the wall
I just kept shoving more shit in
The piles got higher
Even though I don't know what I'm saving
I hold on as a reminder
That things change all too fast
Or sometimes very slow
But both seem to never last
I can't help but remember what I said I'd tell my kids
Now it's a reminder that I probably shouldn't have any instead

As I grew old my dreams died one by one

Misfortunes rain from the sky (one by one)
Filling up buckets (one by one)
Now that we've run out
There's a real storm coming
There's a new storm coming
After all my mistakes and my misfortunes
I thought I could learn
Even after we're not happily ever after
I've never experienced losses like this
When will they stop becoming
All I choose to see
All that I've seen.


released October 19, 2015



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The Effort

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